16 - 22 July 2016

Creativity Week


JULIEN CLAUSS (multi-channel sound exploration)
EMMA CLAUSS (walking backwards weather forecast)
PIERRE MONTAGNON (multi-channel sound adventure)
JAMES S. TAYLOR (fluxus dubby noise & beyond)
ALEX ANDREAS DUNCAN (soothing sounds & rhythm patterns)
SHARON BLACK (walking on eggshells poetry)
SÉBASTIEN JAMAIN & SARRA MAJDOUB (in the making film makers)
I AM A VOWEL (she is a vowel)
EVE COUTURIER (a voice in your head)
JEAN JACQUES PALIX (film noir without a screen)
OLIVIER DUCRET (mental groove guru, agent provocateur)
JEAN-MICHEL BOISSONET (dance around in yr bones)
GAËLLE OBIÉGLY (le musée des valeurs sentimentales)
PIERRE WEISS (unseen center)
CATS HATS GOWNS (improvising abstract repetitiveness)
LOÏC BLAIRON (au centre de chaque côté)
MIKA PEREZ (caprice d'un jour pluvieux)
GIULIA GROSSMAN (mars society)
FRANCOIS DECOURBE (ging gong light show)
16:9 (abstract & elastic)








Cassiopeia is an informal non-profit event organised by musicicans for people who love music and the arts

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